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We strive to be your one stop in searching for a new home for your family. Please feel free to browse our rental search to access all posted MLS rental listings. You may also access Lepi & Associates available rentals by visiting our rental hotline at (800) 976-9181 Option #6

Rental Approval Standards- Do I qualify?

1. All rental applications/credit/background checks must be acceptable to the property manager and/or owner.

2. Credit score must be to a score of 600 or above. We like to see a 4 to 1 income/rent ratio. (i/e if rent is $600 per month, gross weekly income should be at least $600 per week).

3. The property manager may make an exception if the score is not to 600. However, rent amount may be negotiated and/or additional security may be required or a co-signer may be required.

4. Approved tenant(s) must pay the security deposit to hold an apartment/house.

5. Apartment/house will NOT be held for more than 1 week without rental payment.

6. Prior to occupying apartment/house, tenant(s) must pat first month's rent, security deposit, and give proof of renter's insurance and name property owner as a co-applicant on the policy.

7. Prior to occupying any apartment/house, tenant(s) must have and show proof of all utilities transferred into their name.

8. Some of our property owners permit pets. A non-refundable pet deposit of $200 per pet is required. This deposit is for the privilege of being able to have a pet; any damages done by the pet will be taken from the security deposit, and if not suffcient, an invoice will be given to tenant(s) with payment due upon reciept. Additional monthly fee might also be required.

Rental Office Information

< P: 800-976-9181
F: 740-455-3737