Lepi Referral Network, LLC

You worked hard to receive and maintain your real estate license.

Just because you’d like to slow down and take a step or two back from the real estate industry shouldn’t mean losing benefits from your years of cultivating clients and contacts. Sound interesting?

What is the Lepi Referral Network, LLC?

If you’ve reached a time in your real estate career and want to devote most of your time to other, new adventures, Lepi Referral Network (LRN) may be the real estate company for you!

Lepi Referral Network offers an ideal way for those not interested in a full-time, full-service real estate career to exit the real estate industry, while their clients and customer base can efficiently be served by professional full-time REALTORS® .

Lepi Referral Network eliminates monthly Multiple Listing Fees and REALTOR® board dues


Benefits of Becoming a Referral Agent (RA)

1.) Keep your license, and still legally earn commissions
2.) Ability to place valuable referrals or leads with active real estate agents
3.) Freedom to select specific agents or the Lepi Referral Network, LLC can choose one for you
4.) No dues or fees because you are not a REALTOR® member

What About Listing & Selling?

There are several reasons why Referral Agents are not allowed to directly represent buyers or sellers.

To professionally handle the many details associated with a real estate transaction requires a full-time commitment. Real estate is not a part-time profession.

Further, since the network is not a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, any state REALTOR® organizations, nor any local boards, it does not have the ability to provide the services to successfully service customers and clients directly. As a benefit to its Referral Agent, because it is not a REALTOR® member, they do not have to pay dues or fees to any of these organizations. However, because of the high quality of service provided by REALTOR® members, all efforts are made to place its leads through members of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Referral agents are only responsible for the maintenance of their license fees and continuing education requirements.