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Selling your home is one of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make. It has always been our goal to deliver to you honest, upfront advice on selling your home.  Reality is, we will not tell you we can sell your home in an unrealisitc time frame just to obtain a listing. The days of 30 day listings are over, there are an overabundance of listings on the market. It is in our clients best interest, and also our own to price your home at a competitive price and get it in top showing condition to give it an edge on the market.

We would love the opportunity to market your home, and to schedule a walk through. We have services available, such as "staging" to make your home look it's best at all times. Reality is, Most buyers have decided the minute they walk in your door if your home is on their "top list". Things as simple as rearranging furniture, removing wallpaper, painting and burning candles can help pursuade a prospective buyer to choose your home over another. If a buyer can't get past the clutter, pictures, or the pet smell to see the actual beauty of the home, chances are they arent coming back for a second showing. It is very important for us to show your home in it's best light. You will find our suggestions informative, helpful, and honest. If it is that kind of honesty that you are looking for, rather than a sugar coated listing appointment with an agent who is only looking for quantity rather than quality, then our company is great for you.

We would love to give your home an edge on the market, from staging, to pricing to advertising. Dont hesitate to call us anytime for a free market analysis.