Zanesville/Dresden Offices: 740-455-3730
Property Management: 800-976-9181
Cambridge Office: 740-439-6666

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You need a company you can trust to handle your operational responsibilities. We have the experience you want in property management with over 250 current rental properties. We offer full service management of both commercial and residential properties along with specialty management options. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to meet your needs in Multiple counties, including Muskingum, Coshocton & Guernsey Counties. With the added convenience of our full time property manager and accountant on staff, we are ready to help you maximize your profits without sacrificing on service.

For more information on our policies, requirements, and available property management options, please contact our Property Manager, Joe Baker,  (740) 297-0823.

For additional information on our available rental properties, please call our hotline at (800) 976-9181.

Rental Forms

Below you will find the links for our rental forms to apply for any rental property within our company. Please be sure to read over our company policy clearly. Accurate applications help assist us in getting timely information back to you, and speed the application process along. Thank you!

  • 1 credit/application is required per person for any adults that will be residing on the premises.
  • There is a non-refundable $25 per applicant fee required to be turned in at the time application is made for the purpose of credit/background check, and also application processing. Feel free to drop them off at any one of our locations at:


101 W. Dave Longaberger Avenue, Dresden

1535 Maple Avenue, Zanesville

903 Steubenville Avenue, Cambridge